Save Assyrian Village-Garmawa

Help Us Save Our Village Garmawa in Tel Keppe District, Alqosh Subdistrict

We worry that we are going to get kicked out of our own homes. Here’s our situation: All of the land around our homes in our village is owned by a business man from Mosul, Iraq. We farm the land, eat and live off of the land. Now, the business man wants to sell it for $2,000,000, and we only have 15 days to buy it. Every dollar counts because we are still going to at least keep some of our land, even if we don’t raise the full amount. While most of the world is preparing for the holiday season and immersing themselves in all of the joys that accompany it, we’re worried we won’t have a place to live soon

Right now, there is a kurdish businessman with plans to buy our village. Based on previous experiences, we fear one of two things: (1) we permanently lose our source of income and/or (2) the agricultural lands are eventually used to build new residences to shift demographics

Our demographics consist of 80 people and many of whom are children. If we can buy our village, it will belong to the people instead of one man who holds all of our fates in his hands as if we have just been reduced to a single business transaction. We’re looking for a miracle


? What if we don’t raise the full amount

If we fall short of the stated goal, we will still use whatever we raise to save as much as we can. That’s why every single penny counts

? Who will own the land

The Shlama Foundation is working out the details of equity distrubition of the property to the people of the village in a fair and balanced way. After we work out these details, we will distribute a poll to donors so we can all collectively decide how the money will be spent and who will own it

? How is it possible that one man owns an entire village

It happens the same way a landlord owns land in America and leases it to tenants, except discrimination is allowed in Iraq, which means something as simple as having a new landlord can be a scary thing. The people of Garmawa are worried they will be kicked out by the new landlord

? Does part of my donation go to GoFundMe

That’s up to you. However, there is an option to change the administrative fees to $0.00 so the full amount of your donation goes to the beneficiaries

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