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Frahm’s take on rise and fall of Assyria goes to Bloomsbury

Published October 23, 2019 by Bookseller staff

Bloomsbury has signed a book from Yale professor Eckhart Frahm for the first comprehensive non-fiction account of the rise and fall of what historians consider to be the world’s very first empire: Assyria

Michael Fishwick, publishing director at Bloomsbury, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights excluding Canada for The Assyrians from Adam Gauntlett at Peters Fraser + Dunlop (PFD), following an auction. North American rights were pre-empted by Brian Distelberg at Basic Books

“Assyria was one of the most prominent and powerful civilisations in the ancient world. Charting its humble beginnings as a city state to its sudden and dramatic collapse, The Assyrians will be a fascinating exploration of how Assyria grew into the first empire in world history,” reads the synopsis. By highlighting the violence of Assyrian conquests, the beauty of Assyrian art and the dramatic conflicts that tore the Assyrian royal family apart, Eckhart Frahm will bring this world to life again

Frahm is professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilisations at Yale, as well as faculty affiliate of the anthropology division with responsibility for research on cuneiform tablets at the Yale Peabody Museum. Eckart is one of the world’s foremost experts on the Assyrian Empire, and has written extensively on ancient Mesopotamian history. The Assyrians will be his first narrative history for the trade and will publish in 2022

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