Living Assyria: The British Museum 22nd February 2019

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A truly historical day, anyone who missed it has missed a truly one in a lifetime experience
Assyria TV has tried to connect the worldwide Assyrian community with all the great events of this truly remarkable day through our live-streaming; however, there is so much more that remains to be shown. In today’s programme we will try to show you the following

1A private and Assyria TV exclusive coverage of the ‘I am Ashurbanipal: king of the world, king of Assyria’ exhibition

2Assyrian folk dancing in traditional assyrian clothes

3Assyrian fashion show and catwalk, Assyrian village costumes’ display

4Assyrian folk dance performance by the acclaimed Nineveh Dance Group from the Assyrian Cultural Club of Gütersloh, Germany

Credits: Assyria TV would like to that the Assyrian Language and Culture Trust and its Chairman Mr. Nineb Lamassu for his help in liaising between Assyria TV and British Muesum and helping us obtain permission to cover the exhibition and the Living Assyria events. Assyria TV also wants to thank the freelance photographer and filmmaker Jason Tamou for his help. We also want to thank Athurrinna Isik Goria and Leon Enwia for their help during the day

Living Assyria: The British Museum 22nd February 2019

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