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Assyrian folklore in the British Museum

By Ninos Emmanuel
Published onSaturday, January 5, 2019 – 19:49

Assyrian composer, conductor and pianist Honiball Joseph who is featured as a conductor in an upcoming concert at the British Museum, told SBS the concert, titled “Living Assyria”, will showcase Assyrian folk music, dancing and costume. Mr. Honiball has been working hard to raise funds for this project to cover the cost of travelling and to fund the professional musicians who will be presenting a high standard of performance. “Living Assyria” is part of the British Museum’s Ashurbanipal exhibition, which will be held in front of the two preserved Lamassu statues standing in front of the Assyrian section of the museum. For further details visit: Gilgamesh Art& Cultural Foundation. or gilgamesh.co.com
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