The number of massacres committed by Kurds against Assyrians and Yezidis in Iraq..Syria and Turkey
‏‎Aied Bozani Al Gorje‎‏
13 / 08 / 2017
The number of massacres committed by Kurds or Kurds against Assyrians and Yezidis in Iraq, Syria and Turkey is innumerable, and we recall some of the massacres recorded in history. So as not to prolong the narrative in the mass slaughter and enter into the horrific details, which did not escape from them, neither the children nor the elders or women, suffice here to enumerate a section of which is 88 massacres recorded and many massacres will not register
1The massacres of Muhammad al-Rawanduzi al-Kurdi in 1832, which led to the killing of more than 250 thousand Yezidi and Ashouri and their wives
2The massacres of the Kurdish prince of Bhutan in 1843
3The massacres of Badr Khan, the criminal Kurdish leader, the massacres of Mosul and the development of worshipers against the Yezidis and Assyrians in 1843, where Badr Khan ordered the bodies to be thrown down into the air to fall on the spearheads and to throw the Yezidis and Assyrians in the burning fire and stoned the priests with stones
4The Ashita Massacre
5The massacre of Muneish
6The massacre of Lizan
7The massacre of Shoreda
8Massacre massacre
9The Gomba massacre
10Raula massacre
11Bilatha massacre
12Massacre is priced
13The Sdegh massacre
14The Massacre of Saint-Correa
15The Kudins massacre
16Iron Massacre
17Redouan Massacre
18Massacre massacre
19Deir Shechem massacre
20The Peros massacre
21The massacre of Tintas
22The Tal massacre was mentioned
23Tel Nefro massacre
24The Duhok massacre
25The Charnach Massacre
26The Hartifana massacre
27The massacre of Deir Yacoub
28Deir Marshmoun Massacre
29The Piccad massacre
30Ein Deir massacre
31Berkey Massacre
32The Archkens Massacre
33The massacre of Kloppi
34The Korg Massacre
35The Arton Massacre
36Deir Mazen massacre
37Deir Bancov massacre
38The massacre of Nisibin
39Mardin massacre
40Orhi massacre
41Deir Raban massacre
42The Arton Massacre
43The Altari Massacre
44The Altari massacre
45The massacre of the Barwari
46The Sarsbido Massacre
47Massacre of Saadiyya
48The Miafarkin Massacre
49The massacre of Kara Bash
50The massacre of Qutrabel
51The Massacre of the Culinary
52The massacre in Nabeel
53Massacre of the Women’s Castle
54The massacre of Mansouriya
55The Battle of Mosul
56The massacre of the island of Bezabedi
57Massad massacre
58The Omerrow Massacre
59The massacre of the Monastery of the Cross
60Massacre of Pasperina
61The massacre of peace
62Kafr Hawza and Bateh
63Qal’at massacre
64The massacre of the fortress of Kiva
65The massacre of images
66Dara massacre
67Massacre of the Women’s Castle
68Massacre massacre
69The Pavara massacre
70The massacre in Nabeel
71Deir al-Zaafran massacre
72massacres of princes of the Kurds Bakhtin in 1860
73The massacres of Diyarbakir in 1895
74Adana massacres in 1909
75The massacres of the Assyrian genocide by the Kurds and the Turks, which claimed the lives of 750,000 Assyrians (Ezidis and Chaldeans) between 1914 and 1915
76The Kurdish massacres of Smokolshak who killed the Patriarch Mar Benjamin Shamoun in 1918
77Amouda massacres in 1937
78Massacre massacres in 1969
79Massacre of Mosul in 2014
80Al-Khabour massacres in 2015
81Muhammad Ruwanduzi massacres in Ali Ali Beek and the execution of the Amir of Yazidiya Ali Bak with 1,800 Yazidi citizens
82Whole-resurrection shrine (Kali Qamat) in Padenan
83Shihan slaughterhouse
84Khalta massacre, which killed 366 Yazidi villages in southern Turkey
85Massacres on the Dais clan, composed of more than 33 villages in the mountains of Hakkari in 1914 and 1915. Most of the villages were destroyed by the pulpit. The entire Dais tribe remained two villages in Khabur after we emigrated after the Sumeil massacre in 1933 led by the criminal Bakri Sedqi
85The island complex and the area of ​​Qahtaniya in 2007 the entry of four cars carrying a bomb with the Kurdish agreement with the rule, which led to the killing of more than one thousand dead and wounded
87Mzazr Shankal by the preacher and betrayal of Kurds and Massoud Barzani in the month of August 2014
88The last criminal act carried out by the Kurds, the assassination of the commander of the Assyrian Khabur guard Deacon David Jendoam 2015
In order to fully control the province of the island. And so far
89These and other massacres led to the semi-court of the Assyrians
The indigenous Yezidis, the displacement, the suppression and the encroachment of many, as well as the seizure of agricultural land by the Kurdish lords, so they are now displaced throughout the globe and put them far worse than the status of Indians in North America and the Virginians in Australia
This is the truth of the Kurds
A copy of these massacres of the people to the Kurdish Kurds content
And Hai people know themselves
They come in campaign dresses
In 1169, Saladin sent his forces under the leadership of Shahabuddeen Mahmud and his nephew Taqi al-Din Omar, and was sent to Nur al-Din Zanki to fight against the Assyrians and Yezidis and also caused violent massacres against them
Hessin Rashki
Susie M. Price
Yes, I know you are correct, they, the Kurd’s are ISIS
عدنان هادي
الله يأخذ حق الايزيدين من دواعش و كل من تعاونة مع داعش


Said Ezidi
ليس لنا أي عدو في العالم الا الاكراد


Avdal Ezidki
ومتى يعي الايزيديين
ويتعلمون من دروس الماضي.


ܐܢܟܝܕܘ ܐܕܝܒ
Aied Bozani Al Gorje we know some of this massacres that had happened, what proof do you have


Alfred Mansour
موضوع مهم ارجو ان توثق وتضع المراجع كي يكون بحثا اكاديميا


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