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28 / 11 / 2018
The source ;

Assyrian (and Armenian) refugees of Urmia-Salmas are used to pave the roads by British in HarunAbad near Hamadan

Romik Sarkezians
Women were used mostly to crush the stones
Shwan Lahoni
Harunabad near Hamadan is a small village as far as I’m aware. This could instead be referring to Islamabad-e gharb in Kermanshah province. Old name was Harunabad, was changed to Shahabad, and now Islamabad-e gharb. Makes more sense to pave a city or what was then probably a large town. Unless the British actually had a camp near Harunabad-Hamadan
Gine Sozumuz
Harunabad is a Turkish village in the Bahar region of Hamadan province, under occupation of British forces during WWI

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