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Visited Soghomon Tehlirian monument, who killed Talaat Pasha, the main architect of the genocide 1915

15 / 10 / 2018

Soghomon Tehleryan who was born in Erzurum of Western Armenia had lost his entire family: parents, brothers, and sisters were slaughtered in the genocide of 1915. He survived the massacre by a miracle. After the genocide, he escaped to Tebriz, then traveled to several European cities Athen, Paris, Zurich to hunt after Talaat Pasha the main architect of the genocide of 1915. Talaat was hiding in an apartment located at Hardenberg Street in Berlin. Tehleryan rented a room on the opposite side of his apartment. On March 15, 1921, when he saw Talaat coming out of his apartment, ran downstairs and killed Talaat Pasha with a gunshot. Tehleryan was arrested with charges on murder and faced a trial in Berlin. However, the German Court found Tehleryan not guilty and then he moved to San- Francisco, where he died in 1960 ,aged 64

I visited Soghomon Tehlirian monument on his grave Ararat Cemetery in Fresno, California

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