British colonialism;Tale of a picture + Comments

09 / 10 / 2018

 Armenian and Assyrian women refugees working on the road in Iran 1918 by crushing the stones for pavement

Razmig Kratlian

Romik Sarkezians
No. English were using refugees for road work. English were taking care of refugees and in exchange use them in similar work

Belsin Younan
?Romik Sarkezians what road was this? And why did the British need it built

Andie Revanian
The roads were built for Iran’s oil transport for WW1. The Brit Empire owned 100% of its oil. And the rest is history

Parkhanita Urmi
My father worked for NIOC National Iran Oil Company and the British worker told him “we stick to your oil as shit sticks to the blanket!”He was happy when they brits got kicked out ,he always mentioned it…and hated them

Ilbra Aleihe
how sad

Nora Bedrossian
What a sad and painful picture

Felix Gregorian
Fascinating chronology of events and stories. Thanks Romik

Henny Campanile
but this is work for men


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