Mar Sargis Assyrian church in Iran

03 / 10 / 2018

Scenes and sounds from Urmia. Mar Sargis Assyrian church from 3-5 th Century on Seir mountain. Elevation about 2 100 Meter or just above 7000 feet. In the video Azerbaijani Turkish is being spoken, then descent to city of Urmia. American mission was located on the Seir mountain after being initially in The city of Urmia


Mar Sarkis Church, Seir_Urmia, Iran
Pim Van den Berg
22okt. 2013

Mar Sarkis is one of the many very old Assyrian churches you still can find in the Urmia region in Iran. This churched is considered to have been built between the 3rd. and 5th. century



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