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Martha Anna Friedemann
11 / 08 / 2018

Martha Anna Friedemann 1854-1933, director of German Orient Mission Orphanage in Urmia 1900-1914. Was born in Latvia, then part of German Empire and grew up in Konigsberg modern day Kaliningrad. She Was, for a period a house teacher to the daughter of Prince Wittgenstein. Made trips to Dublin and Scotland as a young woman. In year 1900 met Johannes Lepsisus director of German Orient Mission in a conference and was recruited to manage the Urmia orphanage. Because of Hamidiya Massacres in the Eastern Ottoman territory many Armenian and Assyrians were streaming to Urmia-Salmas region just across the border. Assyrians mostly in Urmia and Armenians in Salmas. She also established a small kindergarten for Jewish children in Urmia

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