Assyrians of Urmia

13 / 09 / 2018
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Assyrians of Urmia. Dolab Catholic Cemetery Tehran, final resting place of Colonel Faramarz Khan Licingoff 1867-1937. He was grand son of Assyrian Rakel, a Malik’s daughter and her second husband Polish Colonel Licingoff. Was educated in military schools of France and in 1908 was working in Urmia government finance ministry. He was a fierce supporter of Iranian constitutional movement and in March of 1909 along with some Armenian Fedaies in Urmia region were able to remove Mohtasham Al-Saltane from seat of Urmia government and bring a ‘Revolutionary’ governor from Salmas to replace him. Shortly afterwards Russians occupied Tabriz and put a temporary end to resistance of the constitutional defenders and Mohtasham Al-Saltane once again returned to Urmia

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