Kurdish Asayish arrested the legal mayor of Alqosh, Mr Fayez A. Mikha, when he returned to his occupied office by the decision of the Governor of Mosul. The Kurdish forces show no respect to the Iraqi authorities or Iraqi law

15 / 07 / 2018
‏‎ / Assyria TV‎‏nala4u

A force from Assayeesh is driving the Director/Mayor of Alqosh district to an unknown location

A security force belonging to the KRG Assayeesh, took over Mr. Faiz Abed Mikha Jahwareh, the director/Mayor of Alqosh district, to an unknown location Sunday morning, July 15, 2018

The incident occurred when Jahwareh went to work after an administrative order from the governor of Nineveh breaking down the illegal district director Lara Yousif Zara of the Kurdistan Democratic Party after being dismissed by the decision of the Administrative Court and the return of the former director, Mr. Faiz Abed Mika
A force led by Colonel Zerivan, commander of Assayeesh, came to the Mayor’s building and said to Mikha, Why did you come?, i told you to not, This area is under our control, and just what we want will happen
and threatened the staff in case Faiz Abed Mikha enters the building again
The governor of Nineveh had issued an administrative order on July 10th to Alqosh district and decided the following
Mrs. Lara Yousif Zara, Director of Alqosh District, is untight from 1the district administration, and as of 9/4/2018, before the issuance of the administrative order above

 2To consider the date of the commencement of Mr. Faiz Abed Mikha as Director of Alqosh District as of 9/4/2018 on the afternoon of the issuance of the administrative order above

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