Talaat Pasha

Talaat Pasha
Father of Modern Turkey, Architect of Genocide

An interesting book that suggests that Kemalist Turkey, ie Modern Turkey, was born out the beliefs and practices of Talaat Pasha, a man who presided over the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and the genocide of its Christian minorities
While the book could benifit from tighter structure, given then it tends to ramble and go off on tangents, it provides valuable insight into the manner in which Talaat and the neoTurks seized power, and how it became possible for millions of people to be labelled subversives and then slaughtered
Disconcertingly though, the author’s emphasis on the Armenians results in him presenting them as the sole vital Christian minority in the region with any influence or activity in the halls of power, something that is misleading. Assyrians only get a passing mention, though their genocide is acknowledged
Strangely, the author refers to the Greeks of Asia Minor as “Rum” Orthodox, continuously, even placing this appleation in brackets when quoting sources that refer to them as Greeks. I am not sure what his agenda is here. While it is correct that most Asia Minor Greeks referred to themselves as Ρωμιοί and we referred to as Rum by the Ottomans, the vast majority by this stage had developed a national consiousness sufficient to allow themselves to identify with the Greek ethnicity. This insistence on calling them Rum obfuscates the presence of Greeks in Asia Minor and is truly puzzling

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