The Nine Refugees Who Survived ISIS

1dec. 2015

An interview with 9 christian refugees who fled ISIS in Mosul

“Who would dare to love ISIS?” was the question asked in the first film. Now, come and hear the testimonies of 9 refugees who fled ISIS and left everything behind. They dare to love ISIS and they dare to bring a message of hope – to counter ISIS’s message of hate. In light of global terrorism, millions of displaced refugees, and a complacent western church, their testimony and faith, forged by fire, will bring healing to the nations. God has shaken the Middle East and from its ruins, deep faith is stirring in the hearts of the persecuted. They are the nine, and all of heaven is cheering them, and us, on

All of the refugees are still currently living in the Middle East
All refugees shown in the video are currently supported by MORE International

In the ninth of June, some events took place rapidly and the news came that isis took over mosul city

I had friends in Mosul

They came over to my house before the fall of Mosul on June 9th. They are Muslims

They warned me to get out. ISIS will take over Mosul

I asked them how they knew this

He said razwan you are a dear brother to me, you respect us and we have been friends for a long time

But my mother she felt that something could happen so she said lets go lets go lets go

Most christians refused and tried to get out

Those who weren’t able to get out they converted to Islam and some chose to be killed

I told him the area is full of police and army they can’t take it. he said everyone has left, you have to go

They closed the borders and were not letting some people leave

He told me he will get me out. but at this time isis began closing borders

?So he told me i’ll get you out with my car. i asked him how

They will know i’m christian and stop me. he said don’t worry, God is with us

On my way out of the city i saw a hummer with black isis flags

I saw a person wearing an isis uniform and saw 4 other civilians

I looked to the right and saw 6 other civilians with their hands cuffed

And a band over their eyes

He said, go back to bartella

Dont leave from there

Stay and don’t leave

I started begging him and he took out his weapons. i asked him what does he want

He said when i tell you to go back, you go back

We left on the road. all the people inside the monastery know it

It’s such a bad road

We circles around the mountain

Because the kurdish army did not allow people into kurdistan

We stay on the road

My father asked us


?Where will we go

You imagine yourself

Isis behind you and nobody in front of you

?Where? Where will we go

We got to the isis checkpoint

The soldier said get out

?Where are you headed

I told him someone passed away in erbil and we have to attend the funeral

He asked who is the animal that died? i told him it was one of my relatives

He said that’s fine, he’s christian. he will burn in hell. i said thank you

He said you don’t deserve to live

He said it’s a shame ur unbelievers and you are still alive

I took out my keys and told him my house is in monsieur and gave him a description of exactly where it was

I told him you can go and take it. congratulations

During this time i was really scared because it was a life or death situation

Because 20 days earlier i had seen dead bodies in the street

Bodies that were burned or beheaded

I thought that I would end up like them

When i hit you, you can forgive me

?But when i took your house, you can forgive me

When i took from you your photos, your memories, your future

When i make you suffering, this is not easy for me at that time

I expect that in the end, evil will not prevail against good. good will win in the end

Our heavenly father, we thank you

We thank you for the gift of salvation

We thank you for the free grace you gave to this world

Lord let your love fill our hearts

Help us forgive from our hearts people who do us wrong

I was a lecturer at mosul university

I was a school principal for an all girls school in nineveh district

I had a liquor store business and also worked as a chef

I was in the police force at mosul

I was a taxi driver

I studied for 1 year in medical school in iraq


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