Turkish Police Detain Assyrian Man

Posted 2018-01-10

The only Christian Chaldean citizen in the Görümlü (Bêspin) town in Şırnak’s Silopi district, Petros Karatay, was detained by soldiers in a house raid at night. Karatay had been detained in recent months later to be released on probation, while the reason for his detention is not clear

Karatay is being held in the District Police Station

In the 1990’s, over 4.000 Chaldeans who used to live in the Görümlü town immigrated to France, Belgium, Germany, Federal Kurdistan Region and various other European countries. Karatay was one of them, immigrating to France from the Aksu (Herbol) village, and he had returned after the Democratic Solution Process and Peace Process that started in 2013

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