Assyrian Sports Hall of Fame
ARAM KARAM The Assyrian Bomber

Aram Karam is known as one of the finest and most accomplished soccer players from Iraq. He began his athletic career in 1936 playing for local teams in the district of Henedi, today know as Al-Rashid Military Camp. He then moved to Habbaniya and played for various teams until 1943, when he joined the varsity team, one of the strongest teams in Habbaniya. This team included a number of Assyrian soccer stars such as Shmouel Eshay (Sammy), father of the international soccer player, Gilbert Sammy

Aram Karam was distinguished as a great player particularly for his uncanny ability in scoring accurate goals. He had the unique ability to score goals from distances of up to 50 yards, with either his right or left foot

In 1951, he was selected to play as an international player for the Iraqi National Team, competing in its first international game in Ankara, Turkey. Aram proved to be a valuable player in this game as he scored his four goals against their opponent

During that same year a select team was formed at Habbaniya for which Aram was chosen. This hand picked team achieved a respectable number of championships against other teams from Baghdad including: the Police Team, Air Force Team, and the Royal Guard Team. In 1952 Aram moved to Karkuk (Province of Altiameen), and there he began playing for a newly formed team called the I.P.C. (Iraqi Petroline Company) team. This team went on to win the 1954 championship in Northern Iraq

Aram was a quick, dominating, and professional player. In a wink of an eye, he could slam the ball into the goal as a bullet. His fans still remember the three exciting goals he scored while playing against the Iranian Taj team in 1956. Soccer fans would agree, Aram Karam’s kicking power was unparalleled

Aram was the team captain and head coach of the oil company team. This team won six consecutive years in the Middle East Oil Companies Championships under his leadership. In 1960 he retired and was appointed to be in charge of sports in the pipeline areas of the Iraqi Petroline Company. Additionally, Aram was a great asset as advisor to the Iraqi National Soccer Association in the selection of their national team

Aside from soccer, Aram was also an accomplished tennis player, winning six consecutive years as he competed in the Persian Gulf Tennis Championships

In 1992 Aram immigrated to the United States, and currently lives in Turlock, California

He scored approximately 600 goals in his soccer career Which included 35 international games

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  1. The one other played (who was actually born in NALA specifically in the village of Schule in 1931 is is the true son of Nalah Isaac Yaco and yes he was a national soccer star of the Assyrian Team that played against the Taj of Iran in the year 1956. God rest his gentle soul. The other player who was the wizard in mid-field has his roots in Nala and his name is Youarish Isaac. Just for the record.

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