Assyrian Sports Hall of Fame;YOUWARESH BINYAMIN

In 1942, he represented the Mosul Primary Schools Select team, playing against other cities in Iraq

In 1944, moved to Kirkuk and joint (IPC), were he selected to represent the (IPC) Football Team in many games inside and outside Iraq. The team was the Championship winners for all Middle East Associated Companies for 5 years

In 1956, and after playing for the Assyrian 1st Division soccer team, and Kirkuk City Select team more than 10 years, he was selected to represent the First Assyrian National Soccer Team which played against The Iranian Taj Club in Baghdad and Tehran

In 1962, he became the first soccer coach for the Assyrian Youth team in Kirkuk where he stayed for 8 years

In addition to Football (Soccer), his athletic talents included Tennis and Swimming

Total games played against foreign teams: 45 /


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