Time For a Change? How To Calculate The Surplus Or Deficit Of Your Body Weight

Weight issue should be approached with the exact calculations. Definitely, you should have a goal – how many pounds or inches you should lose. Inadequate assessment of weight leads woman to starvation, holding various diets, regular visits to the gym and other drastic measures. But this method is not always justified. Sometimes diets do not contribute anything

This fad can lead to exhaustion and the occurrence of various diseases. And, you just have to balance your diet and reduce your consumption of fatty foods. But there are other simple methods.

There are several ways to calculate these indicators

The easiest – the crook of the stomachis it time for a change

If the crook on your stomach is more than 3-4 centimeters, it is an alarm that it’s time to take care of yourself. In men, this figure should be less than 1-2 cm

Another method, which is widely used, it is the Brok formula.

Here are taken into account: height, weight and age. Age, because over the years people almost always gain weight. Here you cannot fight against nature

The easiest method (if you have not yet attained the age of forty)

From your height subtract 110 and you get your ideal weight

If you have more than forty years, from subtract 100

There is another option: if your height does not exceed 165 cm, subtract 100. If your height is 165-175 cm, then subtract 105. And if it is more than 176 cm, subtract 110

Here is one of the most accurate methods for the definition of body weight. We count the number of pounds of appropriate square meter

First stage: measure the height and the weight

Then the weight should be divided by height squared, and we can judge about the condition from the estimated coefficients

If the value falls in the range from 18.5 to 24 – this is the norm

And in this case do not change anything on you


by admin · December 17, 2014

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