Bunions On The Feet – Natural Treatment

Bunions are growths on the feet, which plague many people. This problem is most troubling women but sometimes happens in men. Bunions, except that it spoils the appearance of the foot, can be very painful. Bunions usually occur as a result of too narrow shoes and excessive loads on the feet, as well as due to arthritis or rheumatism. Also, the occurrence of bunions may be genetic, and the contributors to their emerging are angina, gout, bad metabolism and imbalanced diet. Although bunions bone growths, in essence, are salt deposits. While modern medicine has ways to solve this problem, surgical Wart Cure is painful and hard, so it is best to first try some natural methods.Bunions On The Feet – Natural Treatment

Natural treatments of bunions

Bay leaf


by admin · December 14, 2014


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