Black Cumin – Helps You Fight Against Diabetes

Black Cumin has a widespread use in the treatment of many diseases including diabetes. We bring you some advices on how this herb can help you in the fight against this terrible disease

If the blood sugar (glucose) level is above the normal range for a long time (above 6.9 mmol / L) than we are talking about diabetes. The consequences of diabetes are actually what we should think about and some of them are: damaged blood vessels, kidney, eye damage, open wounds on the legs (hard to heal), nerve disorders, impotence, high blood pressure…Black Cumin – helps you fight against Diabetes

In type 1 diabetes the treatment includes insulin. Here black cumin can help because it is a so-called autoimmune disease character

Black cumin helps with diabetes type 2, where there is a lack of insulin or a decreased ability of the cells to respond to insulin (insulin resistance)

Black cumin harmonizes the immune system. In therapy with black cumin against diabetes you should control your blood sugar because the sugar level sometimes decreases rapidly (causing hypoglycemia – a shortage of sugar in the blood). There are materials in the oil of the black cumin which are very similar to the operation as the insulin


by admin · December 12, 2014

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